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2018 March Latest News

Julius Mach ,your Class Treasurer competing at the 2017 Unicorn Nationals at Stone SC.

He wishes to remind every active member that 2018 Membership fees of £15 are now due and the annual membership personal information form should be fully completed and returned to him to ensure the Association records are up to date. Just a reminder, that unless you are a paid up Association member your results from any official events like the Travellers Trophy, Regional Championships and the National Championships will NOT be recorded. If you go to the Membership section on this web site, you will find the necessary Form and all the information to complete it. Do it now while you are thinking about it, as it is only to price of a couple of Beers!

While most of us have been hibernating in our Igloos over the last two or three weeks, it seems from the Unicorn Class Association Facebook page that Julius and Gary Piper have braved the elements and at the end of January completed an event on the Solent in testing conditions. No official report received, but it seems they enjoyed the sail. Well done. It also appears that a number of dates are in the diary for the 2018 Travellers Trophy as follows:  

Rutland 19-20 May

Bala 26-28 May

Weymouth 9-10 June

Stone (Essex) July 30 - Aug 3 (Nationals)

Stokes Bay September 1-2

Grafham October date to be confirmed

We are still looking for an English Northern venue and one in Scotland. Any offers, please contact Julius or Gary?

Your elected Committee have shown the way both on and off the water to meet your requests. Now it is up to each individual sailing a Unicorn to support them by attending at least one or two of the events. Good luck with your pre- season boat preparation as it commences in about 4 weeks time. Peter Toft with a little help from Julius and Gary.


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