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2018 December Latest News

We are fast approaching the end of another year and what a great year 2018 has been for warm weather and good sailing winds. From Facebook we can see that some of you are still on the water in December and enjoying competition in your local Club races. The viability of Unicorns competing on the water is the best advertisement for the Class to promote new members and expand the fleet again in the UK. The Unicorn A Class is still competitive in open catamaran meetings and can be self built if you are a keen hands on sailor. Full build plans to the very latest GP shape are available Free from the Association. Just make a request to myself or Committee member from the contact list on this web site. When the build is completed there is a charge for registration  and measurement. If you are following this route then join the Association for £15 per year and you will have contact and access to experienced boat builders and sailors to help you complete the project successfully. Another way to experience Unicorn sailing is to purchase used boats. Condor produced a foam sandwich hull in the late 80's and these have remained competitive as they are strong, well constructed hulls. A number of these are still sailed regularly and become available 2nd hand for about £1000 when people progress to a later built boat or retire from sailing. Plywood constructed hulls can deteriorate if not maintained and kept covered to avoid weather damage. Boats are on the Market from £400 are in this category but boats well constructed and maintained become available from £1200 to £2500.

New hull being measured by R Dorks ex European and UK Champion 

2018 Unicorn Traveller Series. 

The season ended with a bit of a whimper as no Unicorns competed at Grafham. Positions remained as they were before Grafham with Gary Piper winning and Dan Jarman in second with Julius Mach in third. The prize giving will ensue when all the parties can be got together but may have to wait until the AGM.

The overall result as shown below. 

Gary Piper


Dan Jarman


Julius Mach


Will Dawson


Richard Beke


Owen Cox


Oliver Boosey


Peter Toft


Well done Gary to keep ahead of Dan once again, even if it was just the single point!.

 Traveler Series 2019 - new rules

For 2019 the series is being expanded so that any Catamaran Open meeting in the UK held in 2019 can count towards the traveler trophy. Scoring will be as last year. All races count, 3 points for finishing plus an additional point for any Unicorns beaten. To get an Open meeting included in the series you must advertise the Open meeting on the Unicorn website at least four weeks before the event. Multi-week events cannot constitute an Open meeting. Any dispute about what constitutes an Open will be ruled upon by Gary Piper and myself with no appeal allowed. So Grafham is back on if anyone wants to go and the opportunity is there for any Scottish and other northern boats to get on the scoreboard without excessive travelling. The current list of approved events are :

April 27-28th Datchet SC

May 4-6th Bala SC

May 11-12th Rutland SC

August 5-9th Stone SC Nationals

August 31st -Sept.1st Stokes Bay SC

September 28-29th Weston SC

This new traveler series will enable Unicorners over the UK to actively participate in OPEN events, meet other Unicorners and generally encourage new sailors of either gender to sail Unicorns. On behalf of the Unicorn Association I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.





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