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June 2018 Latest News

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Yes, its decision time again. The 2018 Nationals will be held at Stone SC 30th July to the 3rd August with all the usual amenities and social activities for a very reasonable cost. While the Unicorns will be competing for the National Championship with their own starts the remainder of the Stone week competitors will be enthusiastically sailing for their respective Class Trophies. The Daily social programme will keep both sailors and non-sailors fully occupied and nicely fatigued by the end of the week. Please make every effort to attend and enjoy the week with your fellow members.

The Nationals will count towards the 2018 Travellers Trophy Series which is detailed below.

 Traveller scoring system:

All races to count.

Entered but DNC scores 1 point

DNS and DNF score 2 points

Boats finishing, score the number of boats beaten including those DNC and DNF plus 3 points

As an example if 5 boats enter and all finish a race, the winner gets 7 points and last boat gets 3 points; if only one boat finishes that boat still gets 7 points, the DNFs get 2 points each and the DNCs get 1 point each.


Only results obtained after current year Association subs have been paid will count towards travellers and Nationals results.


Rutland 19-20 May

Bala 26-28 May

Weymouth 9-10 June

Stone (Essex) July 30 - Aug 3 (Nationals)

Stokes Bay September 1-2

Grafham October 20-21

We need to promote the Unicorn as a competitive and exciting boat to sail. This is best achieved by sailing them at these CAT Open events which will also keep the demand for Unicorns when you want to upgrade to a newer craft. Enjoy your sailing and keep improving ready for an exciting and competitive Nationals. We at Stone are ready to welcome you. Peter Toft