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Sweden Unicorn History

I am Per Seffers and live in a town called Hudding close to Stockholm. I thought I could give you a short historical review from the Swedish Unicorn horizon.
1974 I started my career as a catamaran sailor with a  Paper Tiger (14-foot New Zealand construction, fun in strong winds.  Around 1980 I bought my first Unicorn S 73. Around this time I was also chairman of the Swedish A-cat-division. The Swedish cat-sailors was organised in the " Swedish Catamaran and Trimaran Sailors". This organisation had A,B,C,D and cruiser divisions. (as well as a junior section) .B-division was largest owing to the Tornado's which also had their own organisation. A-division had around 120 catamarans of which around 100 were Unicorns. (a few Australis I recall). Most Unicorns were built 1969-1979 with 1974-75 as top years. There were some Trowbridge plastic Unicorns (they were considered to Heavy and prone to break down to be competitive). Most Unicorns were amateur-built. In the beginning (late sixties) a guy named Janne Johansson introduced the Unicorn in Sweden (together with Tornado and Australis) . He professionally built and sold these boats in plywood. Many of the Unicorns in the fleet were built by Johansson.
During the seventies there was a big activity and many races especially in the Stockholm area. When I entered the stage a decline was already noticeable. Johansson had lost interest and it was difficult to get over 8-10 Unicorns to the races. We tried different ways to the increase the interest but the difficulties remained. 
1985 I sold my Unicorn and bought a "skärgårds 22:a" (skerry-cruiser?).  Long and narrow and Beautiful. My 22:a is built 1920 and I still sail it. I have raced the 22:a with some success . See pictures above:

With the change of boat I lost sight of the catamarans but have all these years dreamt of having a Unicorn once more.
A couple of years ago a friend of mine offered me his old Unicorn S 12. It was badly in need of restoration and modernisation. So when my four kids have grown up and my civilian career (I am a MD in paediatrics) gives me some more time I enjoy sailing the Unicorn once more. It is now fully restored but still it is fun to make it faster and more easy handled. I now have a CAWS sail which is was very nice and makes a big difference. See photos below :

So when I once more sail my catamaran I tried to understand where all the Swedish Unicorns are. It seems that the catamaran sailing (as well as all sailing in general) has become more specialised and expensive. Swedish catamaran sailors sail in different classes like Nacra, all the different Hobiecats and so on. Some Tornados still sail as well as a few A-cats (Marstrom) This summer I spoke with Göran Marström and looked at his A-cats. They are extremely high-tech. with no compromises and very expensive. Still he has difficulties to get 10 A-cats to a race. So where are the Swedish Unicorns?

The old organisation "Swedish catamaran and trimaran sailors" has ceased to exist. Occationally I hear about a Unicorn but I must realise that the class is more or less dead and I don't know where the Unicorns dwell.
This sad fact but makes it even more fun and happy to understand that the class has developed and is in a very good shape and competitive in England.
I regularly look at the Unicorn web site to learn how to improve my boat and next; maybe Dotan rudders?
Regards Per

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