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2014 AGM Minutes

National Unicorn Class Association 

Minutes of 2014 AGM 

Held at Stone Sailing Club, Thursday 7 August, 1400 hrs 

Present:  P Toft (PT), R Dorks (RD), G Piper (GP), J Mach (JM), D Taylor (DT), S Pooley (SP), A Brooks (AB), Iain Rogers (IR)


Apologies for Absence:  None received



Matters arising from previous AGM: 

DT proposed a vote of thanks to PT, who in his role as website co-ordinator had since the last AGM been continuing to contact by email all those who visit the site to ask if they are interested in becoming association members / acquiring a boat – this was unanimously seconded – all were grateful to Peter for his continuing work in this regard. 

PT said that the site had continued to have a surprising number of ‘hits’ – but there had been many unwanted ones, especially from Russia and Nigeria.  Tony Gibson (TG - site organiser) had been filtering out the obvious ‘scammers’, PT had been sorting out the remainder. 

PT again mentioned (as he had done for the last two years!) that he would like more material and photographs to put onto the site – would those present send in whatever they could. 

This led to a discussion about whether a Facebook site should be used for photos, due to the easier access. 

SP felt that an open forum would be better – and offered to host it.  PT said he knew that TG would not be keen on this as it would lead to so many ‘scamming’ type issues (subsequently confirmed after the meeting).   The use of a ‘universal’ password such as ‘Mazzotti’ was also discussed.  PT said that he knew that TG would not be happy with this either, but would raise it with him.

 The association membership form was discussed. Currently this is in the form of a pdf, which has to be printed out for completion, and then posted or scanned.  It was agreed that PT would ask TG if a Word document could be used instead; this could then be completed and submitted electronically. 

Mention of TG led to a comment that we had not had any web fees for a while – DT to speak to TG.  (As a consequence, TG produced an invoice the next day!). 

IR said he thought that any articles on tuning the boat that could get onto the website would be well received.  There was universal agreement on this.  BD mentioned that he had a box of old magazines including many copies of ‘Catamaran Racing’ that he wanted to get rid of – these contained articles that could be scanned and put on the site. AB indicated he could possibly do this. 

In this connection, PT mentioned that he had plans to update ‘Unicorn Boat Tuning’  on the web site with tuning articles that Dan Jarman had written some years ago.

GP mentioned that a new member, Scott Greengrass (‘SG’), was building a new boat, and had had a complete set of plans to the latest GP shape.  He has been scanning the plans as he proceeded with the build – when this is finished he has said that he will put them onto a disk and a Master copy sent to PT ready to copy and sell to new members who wish to build a new boat.

 As part of this discussion, GP mentioned that it took approx. 200 hours to build a boat, and that the last one he built cost circa £2,500 for materials for the hulls alone.

 PT mentioned that some time ago BD had been looking into the cost of building a glassfibre boat, and it had been approximately £5,000 – this would now be at least £7,500 (a mast and sail would be at least £2,000 alone).

 The mention of masts led GP to comment that there was now a good stock of used masts available, and he again mentioned that the place on Hayling Island had spare Needlespar mast sections (but not the top section nor the track).

 Class Measurer      

GP felt sure that SG would be happy to become measurer when his boat was finished.  Alternatively, PT said that the ‘knowledge and Master Templates’ on measuring was at Stone, between PT and BD. If GP completes his boat and it successfully measures they wil welcome any assistance SG can provide in the future.



Matthew Stephenson (‘MS’) (who now has 4 boats) had taken a keen interest in organising events, and had offered to organise the 2015 Nationals.  He had also expressed interest in pursuing the Travelling Trophy series that Owen Cox (‘OC’) had been trying to put together.  The possibility of the Nationals being a 3 day event was discussed; there would no doubt be further dialogue with MS on this.


Class Treasurers Report 

DT said that the Association bank account had continued to in effect ‘mark time’ over the year.   After the £10 refunds had been given to members who compete in the Nationals, the bank account balance would again be in the order of £1,100.  The pattern that had continued was that the subscriptions from the non sailing members (these had been £75 this year) effectively paid for the trophies for the Nationals.  The £5 per head surplus from the members who compete in the Nationals effectively paid for the annual website maintenance.  Therefore with current arrangements / membership levels the association would continue with a bank balance at a similar level to the existing one.  DT would produce an income and expenditure account.

 DT advised that there were currently 18 paid-up members, so almost half the membership had attended the Nationals.

 It was agreed that the arrangement of giving a £10 refund from the £15 annual subscription to those who attend the National meeting would continue.

 It was discussed and agreed that the charges of £5 for copies of ‘Unicorn Technology’, £50 for copies of the plans, and £70 for a ‘stick’ of the build photographs should continue (with regard to the photos, GP confirmed that these were now on a ‘stick’, and could be copied). A Master stick of build photos to be sent to PT for copying and selling on behalf of the association.

 DT advised that TSB was now the official Bank Acct. but the SORT code and Acct. number were the same.

 Some members have complained that no official confirmation was received that their membership payment had been received, especially when cheques have not been processed for several months. DT advised that he had problems cashing cheques due to lack of access to a Lloyds Bank outlets. This should be resolved with the new TSB acct.

 Re-election of officers

The incumbents agreed to stand again, as follows: 

Chairman: GP 

Class Measurer: BD & PT

 Website Co-ordinator:  PT

 Treasurer / Secretary:  DT

 Events Co-Ordinator:   MS

 Any other business

Sails were discussed.  SP, IR and JM had come to the Nationals with sails made by Grant Piggott (GP sails).  PT had again spoken to him about an entry on the website, but he had been unwilling to confirm prices. 

DT had brought a copy of an invoice for £30 he had received from UKCRA for a contribution towards the cost of running their website.  It was not felt that this should be paid, but it was agreed that PT would ask TG about setting up a link from our website to theirs. 

 JM mentioned there had been another recent change to the handicap for the class – the PY number was now 794 again (it was 805 last year, and 794 in 2012).    

 GP confirmed that his current boat has been sold to JM, but that if he wished to sail in future Nationals, he  could borrow one from the MS fleet.

 There being no further business, the meeting was closed.




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