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2016 AGM Minutes at Stone SC

2016 National Unicorn Class Association AGM Minutes


Held at Stone Sailing Club, Tuesday 4th August 2016, 1600 hrs. prepared by Peter Toft.

Present:  P Toft (PT), R Dorks (RD), G Piper (GP), J Mach (JM), D Taylor (DT), S Pooley (SP), Owen Cox (OC ), Iain Rogers (IR ), Arthur Brooks (AB )

Apologies for Absence:   Matthew Stevenson, Scott Greengrass


2015 AGM Minutes – reviewed and accepted as a true record.


Election of Committee Members 2016/2017

·         Chairman: Gary Piper (GP)

·         Class Measurer: Bob Dorks (BD) & Peter Toft (PT)

·         Build and Technical Advisor Scott Greengrass (SG)

·         Website Co-ordinator:  Peter Toft (PT)

·         Treasurer / Secretary:  Zbigniew Julius Mach (JM)

·         Secretary  Owen Cox (OC)

·         Events Co-ordinator:   Matthew Stevenson ( MS)



·         Secretary position reinstated to assist the Treasurer.


Web Site Update

·         The site had continued to have a surprising number of ‘hits’ over 6000 since its launch or 1000 annually. The five top articles are :

Unicorn Plans - hits 7935

History of the Unicorn - hits 6579

Pictures Gallery - hits 4041

Unicorn Specification – hits 4879

Restoration K756 – hits 5017

Based on this information it was agreed to continue maintaining the web site for the foreseeable future.

·         PT again mentioned that he would like more material and photographs to put onto the site as it is viewed by many interested sailors around the world.

·         Owen Cox (OC the new secretary) agreed to setup and co-ordinate a central Cloud  web site, to file, all appropriate photographs on an annual basis . These can then be accessed and available for use on the Official web site.

·         Members are still NOT logging onto the web site and therefore cannot access the members only section. PT agreed to maintain this section for historical purposes and would circulate paid up members any new material filed in this section.


 Face Book Unicorn Association Forum

·         The current Forum status is Closed and restricted to authorised group members only. It was agreed to change the status to Public. This action was completed during the meeting.

·         OC to co-ordinate the type and content of articles published.


Treasurers Report

·         The transfer of Treasurer from DT to JM requires  the official signatures for the account to be revised. JM liaising with DT to complete ASAP.

·         The meeting agreed the following:-

o   That Zbigniew Julius Mach be elected Honorary Treasurer

o   That David  Taylor and Robert Dorks be deleted as signatories to the Association’s bank account.

o   That Gary Piper remains a signatory to the bank account

o   That any one signatory will be sufficient to sign cheques and give instructions to the bank.

o   That the treasurer may apply for and activate an internet banking facility

o   That the official address of the organisation shall be the current elected Treasurer’s

·         Statement of funds from last Bank report January 2016  shows a positive balance of £1988.89 but this is to be confirmed by an audit of accounts over the last 3 years. JM and DT to conduct.

·         Number of paid up members in 2015 was 14. JM to review and update

·         Annual membership form to be revised to reflect the above changes. JM to complete before the 2017 renewal date for membership.

·         It was agreed that the annual fees would remain at £15 but for those attending the Nationals and completing at least one race, a £10 refund would be made.

·         To reduce administration there was a discussion to revise the annual renewal time from April 1st to August 1st. No final decision made but JM  to review and advise the Committee for a final decision before end 2016.

·         Complaints continue to be received that no receipt for membership payment is issued. JM to ensure this is corrected within a month of receiving payment for full membership only.


Build & Technical Advisor

·         SG has prepared new drawings which will update the current Mazzotti drawings. These will be proven by the building of another boat during 2016 before officially releasing them.

·         Over the next year it is planned to develop a video on how to build a wood boat from scratch. SG

·         Discussion took place regarding the availability of build plans to any interested people. This will encourage new builds and hopefully revive the Unicorn as a self build boat.. As the new plans will be in PDF format the cost is zero to the Association. Previous plans were issued as paper drawings at a cost and involved packaging and postage. It was agreed that the new plans, when available, would be sent to any interested person FOC, but when a boat is built and registration is made this will involve a fee to be decided, but it must cover any administration cost etc. TBD by majority vote of Committee members GP at the 2017 AGM – GP / JM




Events Coordinator - Mattthew Stephenson (‘MS’)

·         In2016 no official Travellers Trophy event was organised. This is very disappointing but it is understood that he will attempt to organise another TT programme in 2017. MS to organise.

·         2017 Nationals. It was agreed to hold these at Stone SC during first week of August in conjunction with Stone week. PT to confirm

Any other business

·         handicap for the class – the PY number is currently 790 the SCHRS 1.171.  GP to review the basic formula for the Unicorn to ensure the Class has the correct handicap for 2017.

·         To develop the Unicorn Class it is important to have established approved components and Suppliers to meet current Class rules –

o    Hulls or kits of parts built to latest drawings

o   Masts and beams

o   Sails.

o   Sail Battens


Gp to work with current Suppliers to develop a list for approval by the Committee during 2016/17


·         It is sad to report the recent death of Bob Higgins a long term Unicorn sailor and builder of boats.



There being no further business, the meeting was closed.

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