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2017 AGM at Stone SC

2017 National Unicorn Class Association AGM Minutes


Held at Stone Sailing Club, Thursday 3rd August 2017, 1100 hrs. prepared by Peter Toft.

Present:  Peter Toft (PT), Gary Piper (GP), Julius Mach (JM), Steve Pooley (SP), William Dawson ( WD ), Dan Jarman (DJ ),

Apologies for Absence:   David Taylor (DT),

2016 AGM Minutes – reviewed and accepted as a true record.


Election of Committee Members 2017/2018

·         Chairman: Gary Piper (GP)

·         Class Measurer: Bob Dorks (BD) & Peter Toft (PT)

·         Build and Technical Advisor William Dawson( WD )

·         Website Co-ordinator:  Peter Toft (PT)

·         Treasurer:  Zbigniew Julius Mach (JM)

·         Secretary / Events Co-ordinator:   Steve Pooley (SP )



·         Secretary position reinstated to assist the Treasurer.


Web Site Update

·         The site had continued to have a surprising number of ‘hits’ over 8000 since its launch or 1000 annually. The five top articles are :

Unicorn Plans - hits 8723

History of the Unicorn - hits 8004

Pictures Gallery - hits 7657

Restoration K756 – hits 6777

Hall of Fame – hits 5849

Based on this information it was agreed to continue maintaining the web site until a new easier to use and maintain site is developed.

·         Steve Pooley SP the new secretary) agreed to setup a new Web site and investigate the best place to store historical and new photographs and videos ,


Face Book Unicorn Association Forum

·         The current Forum is operating well and Tanya Piper has regularly downloaded sailing action photographs.

·         This is to be continued until the new web site is developed and tested.


Treasurers Report

·          JM has successfully completed the transfer of Association Bank accounts and is now receiving statements etc. on a regular basis.

·         Statement of funds from last Bank report January 2016  shows a positive balance of £2149.54 but this is to be confirmed by an audit of accounts over the last 3 years. JM is working with DT to confirm funds spent over the last 3 years.

·         JM advised that £1000 should be frozen in the account until the audit is completed.

·         Number of full paid up members in 2017 is 8

·         Annual membership form has been revised to reflect the latest changes . of secretary and bank details

·         It was agreed that the annual fees would remain at £15 but for those paid up members attending the Nationals and completing at least one race, a £5 refund would be made.

·         The annual renewal time is confirmed as April 1st.each year and fees MUST be paid before entering any official event in the current year

·         Complaints continue to be received that no receipt for membership payment is issued. JM to ensure this is corrected but requests that members use electronic bank transfer and complete the annual membership form at the time of payment to reduce the administration time.


Build & Technical Advisor William Dawson

·         Scott Greengrass (SG) has prepared new drawings to the latest Piper development shape within the original Class rules. These have been reviewed by the Committee and are now the official Class drawings to be issued..


·         It was agreed that the new plans,  would be sent to any interested person FOC, but when a boat is built and registration is made this will involve a fee of £50 to cover any administration cost etc.

Events Coordinator  Steve Pooley

·         In2016/17  no official Travellers Trophy events occurred.. This is very disappointing,The new Events Coordinator SP will attempt to organise another TT programme in 2017.

·         2017 Nationals. It was agreed to review alternative venues for 2018, like Bala or Stokes Bay, but if these prove too expensive it could be held at Stone in conjunction with Stone week. SP to confirm venue by end of 2017 to ensure the Stone option is still available

Any other business

·         handicap for the class – the SCHRS 1.175 and the Lookalike PY number is currently 797.  GP to review the basic formula for the Unicorn to ensure the Class has the correct handicap for 2017/18.

·         To develop the Unicorn Class it is important to have established approved components and Suppliers to meet current Class rules –

o    Hulls or kits of parts built to latest drawings

o   Masts and beams

o   Sails.and battens

GP has worked with current and new Suppliers to develop a list for approval by the Committee during 2018

·         Life time membership of the Unicorn association for time and work to keep the Class active and competitive is awarded to Robert Dorks and Scott Greengrass.



There being no further business, the meeting was closed.

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