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2019 AGM Meeting Minutes


Unicorn Catamaran Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 8th August 2019 1700 hrs at the Stone Sailing Club. Prepared by Dan Jarman

In attendance:

Gary Piper, Julius Mach, Steve Pooley, Owen Cox, David Taylor, Will Stefanou, Richard Beke, Dan Jarman.

Apologies - Peter Toft.

2018 AGM Minutes – reviewed and accepted as a true record.

1. Chairman's report - Gary was pleased with the amount of activity happening within the class at the moment, particularly with open meetings being attended. Gary has recently acquired Peter Toft's boat and hopes to get it back into circulation soon. Gary also mentioned that there have been requests for building plans by a couple of people which have been sent out to them.

2. Secretary's report - Dan is happy to continue with race reports for the Unicorn Website, Facebook, and Yachts and Yachting magazine.

3. Treasurer's report - Julius presented the accounts report and list of membership. These were discussed and it was felt that there are sufficient funds within the association at present with no need to increase membership fees. There are currently 15 fully paid up members, an increase of five in the last 12 months.

David Taylor mentioned that he needs reimbursement for the Nationals trophies that he has provided in recent years. Gary said he will arrange for payments will be authorized. when the Treasurer confirms the actual amounts due

In view of current funds it was agreed a £5.00 cash discount was given to each entry for this year's Nationals, which was duly distributed by Julius.

4. Election of Officers - All agreed that they are happy with their current positions, therefore no need for elections to be carried out.

·         Chairman: Gary Piper (GP)

·         Class Measurer: William Dawson (WD )

·         Build and Technical Advisor William Dawson( WD )

·         Website Co-ordinator:  Peter Toft (PT)

·         Treasurer: and Events Co-ordinator  Zbigniew Julius Mach (JM)

·         Secretary Dan Jarman (DJ)5


5. Travellers series

2018 Results -  Congratulations  to Gary Piper on winning the new Travellers Trophy, which was presented at the meeting.

Series 2019 – Results will be published at the end of the Season

Series 2020 - Will be the same format as this year where any official Cat Open will qualify, and will also include Stone Week as some Unicorn sailors will attend this event anyway, as it is such a great week. Steve Pooley also mentioned the Sail Juice Event held at Bala in June which could be another viable open meeting.

6. Nationals 2020 -Although we agree Stone Week is a great race week, it was suggested that we should have a change in Nationals venue in order to try and create interest in other areas.

Three venues were suggested - Bala May Bank holiday open, Poole Week, Stokes Bay open.

After a discussion it was agreed that Stokes Bay should be the venue on the proviso it will be over 3 days with another class such as the Tornado. Gary said he will approach Stokes Bay.


7. Website - Peter Toft, although not actively sailing a Unicorn at the moment, had previously discussed with Dan that he is happy to keep the Website running. Although quite quirky to update at times Peter is happy for other Website users to have access to update etc. It is important that active paid up members are registered to access the members section of the web site. Any difficulties contact Peter Toft

It was noticed on the Website History section that the article about the 1973 European Championship was missing. A request for this article to be reinstated has been put forward. Bob Dorks will search his historic records and pass them to Peter for publication.

8. Any other Business

Acquisition of spare parts - The association now has a reasonable amount of spare parts available, including masts, beams, tracks, trampolines etc - Julius also recently acquired several Unicorn parts from a seller in Yorkshire via the association. It was agreed that the association offer the vendor £225.00 for the parts and then sell them on as required to Unicorn owners to maintain Class activity.

.Meeting Closed 1800 hrs

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