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2020 AGM Meeting Minutes

UK Unicorn Catamaran Association Annual General Meeting 2020

Held 1700 Saturday 5th September at Stokes Bay Sailing Club

Present: Gary Piper (Chairman), Julius Mach (Treasurer), Dan Jarman (Secretary), William Dawson (Technical), Will Stefanou, Richard Beke, Iain Rogers, Brian Whitmey.

Outstanding minutes from 2019 meeting:

It was suggested that the association pay a nominal reimbursement of £500.00 to David Taylor for the supply of past Nationals trophies by the end of the year. If necessary, any further negotiation for additional reimbursement to be raised by David for discussion with the Unicorn association. Agreed by Gary Piper and Julius Mach. (Closed)

All other items closed.


Chairman’s Report: 

Gary was pleased with the level of activity within the class. Gary said although it was great to have the Nationals in conjunction with Stone week each year, it was good to have new venues to generate interest in different areas. 

Gary mentioned Stokes Bay was proving to be a success and it was pleasing to see a healthy turn out of Unicorns being sailed to a high standard. 

Gary said that he would still attend Stone Week in addition to different National venues and this was agreed by other members to support Stone Week in the future as well.

Gary mentioned that Peter Toft will be happy to run the Website for the time being and that the association has paid for the Website in advance to cover the next 3 years.

Secretary’s Report:

Dan said that lack of events due to Covid 19 has prevented any open race reports to Facebook, Website and Yachts and Yachting but happy with other items and activity being shared on the Website and Facebook.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Julius reported various expenses such as the association purchase of Unicorn spare parts (which can be sold on to members through the association), website, trophies and national’s barbecue.

Julius said that this years’ membership fee will also cover until the end of 2021 in recompense for the lack of activity in 2020.

Julius reported that, after expenses, the association will have approximately £800.00 in the account.

Technical Report: 

William mentioned that he has not had an update of the class rules for some time. Julius said they were last updated in 2000 and that he will be able to send a copy to William.

Election of Officers.

All current positions were offered to be undertaken by other members, but Gary, Julius, Dan, and William agreed that they are happy to continue their positions for the next year.

2020/21 Committee 

  • Chairman   Gary Piper
  • Build & Technical Advisor    William Dawson
  • Website Co-ordinator    Peter Toft
  • Treasurer & Events Co-ordinator    Zbigniew Julius Mach
  • Secretary    Dan Jarman


Nationals 2021:

Julius proposed Netley Sailing Club for a long week-end event in 2021.

Julius will explore this option and confirm as soon as possible.

Also, Julius mentioned that any catamaran open meetings can be included within the traveller series for 2021.

Any Other Business:

The committee was delighted to welcome Brian Whitney and Paul Grattage to the fleet.


Meeting closed 1745.


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