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2021 AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Unicorn Association Annual General meeting held at Stone Sailing Club on Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 1730 hrs.

Present: Gary Piper (Chairman), Julius Mach (Treasurer), Dan Jarman (Secretary), Will Stefanou, David Taylor, Iain Rogers.

Apologies: Peter Toft.

Minutes of the 2020 AGM agreed and closed except for the item regarding David Taylor’s reimbursements for supplying the Nationals trophies over several years.

Chairman’s Report 

1.Gary reported he is happy with the level of activity within the class considering the current pandemic issues. Gary agreed that the Solent Forts Race Weekend was an excellent event and would be good to see a few more Unicorns attend next year.

2. Gary asked if a 3 day Nationals would be better for next year to try and encourage more Unicorn sailors to commit. He said he will approach Stokes Bay SC again to see if we can run in conjunction with the Catamaran Open in 2022, with an extra third day. 

Julius suggested Netley as a back up.

Gary said that Stone Week will continue on the events calendar and it was agreed that the Unicorn fleet would carry on supporting the event.

Secretary’s Report 

Dan said he is happy to continue with race reports for Yachts and Yachting, website, Facebook group updates etc. Dan said it would be good if someone could occasionally step in and create the odd event report just for a want of change in reporting style.

Treasurer’s Report

1. Julius reported that the association funds are reasonably healthy. 

2. Julius said he was happy to agree reimbursing David for supplying the Nationals trophies over the years to the value of £500.00 without receipts, with a further reimbursement by proof of receipts from David. Gary suggested we set a time limit for David to submit receipts by the end of December 2021 for full payment and closure.

3. Julius reiterated that the association still had a number of various spare parts such as second hand masts, spars, fittings etc. available for anyone to buy. Julius has the parts in his care.


1. Gary said that William Dawson wants to step down as technical advisor.

2. Gary said he will approach William in order to retain the existing building jigs.

Election of Committee.

Gary, Dan and Julius agreed to continue their current positions. 

Will Stefanou was elected as the new technical advisor.

Other Business:

Website: Some elements of the current Website are inaccessible due to the sad passing of Tony Gibson who ran the site for many years. Despite Peter Toft’s efforts to try and access, the manager password is deemed untraceable.

Appreciation was shown for Peter’s commitment in running the website. In view of the existing unserviceable website requiring a renewal payment in the near future, Dan said his son Harvey will look into the possibility of creating and managing a new website.

Julius said it may be possible to copy and retain some of the elements of the existing website.

Increase the Fleet:

Will Stefanou will look at selling his current Unicorn with a view to funding a new-build boat. Gary is also currently restoring 1011 which will be a very competitive boat when finished. It was mentioned that Will Dawson may be selling his Unicorn which will be another top competitive boat on the market.

Meeting closed 1830.




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