Original A & B Catamaran Class Trials

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RE: Unicorn Catamaran Site: A & B Trials"An interesting story, but the date of 1958 is a little wrong.  John Mazzotti  started designing the Unicorn in 1964 and the first one K4 was sailed in the IYRU trials at Sheppy in 1967.   In 1966 the IYRU had designated A, B, and C class cat specs, and the following year the trials were held and the Unicorn came fourth in the A class fleet.  As a matter of interest John Mazzotti called the boat a Unicorn because the most prominent A class boat around at the design stage was the USA boat called ?A Lion?. (The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown, etc. etc.)   It is also of interest to know why the first Unicorn had the number K4.  This was because there were three different A Class boats already in existence in England prior to the Unicorn and they were registered as K1, K2, and K3.  The Unicorn then became K4, but because no other boats could match the Unicorn?s popularity for ease of build and low cost, every number after K4 went to the Unicorn Class.  Myself and three friends built four Unicorns over the winter of 1967/68, their numbers being 22, 67, 68, and 69, and the complete boats cost us œ160 each. Those were the days !

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