1973 Bob Dorks wins Unicorn European Title




HOT SKROD Sail number 500 sailed by Bob Dorks

During the 2019 National Championships Bob Dorks the 1973 Unicorn European Champion attended the prize giving dinner. Bob was the first and only UK sailor to achieve this prize and many people present requested information regarding this unique achievement. Bob was one of the founder members of the Unicorn Association in the UK and assisted in the development of the boat to its current high specification. He won the UK National title five times and finally hung up his sailing boots in 2016. He was Chairman of the Association for 20 years so he can be considered as the rock which the Class has depended on for most of the 50 Years it has existed. The article below details the event in 1973 which was held at Cat Club Sheppey and was published in Yachting & Boating Weekly. This magazine was edited, printed and published in the UK with a world wide distribution. Can you imagine such a prolific sailing publication today and all for £6.50 annual subscription, which included postage. for American readers the subscription was US $20. How times have changed. Bob was also the co-author of Unicorn Technology, first published in the 1970's but it is still pertinent today accept for the sail control lines and pulley systems. Still a good read for any new sailor to the Unicorn fleet. If interested in purchasing a PDF copy for £10 to support the Association Funds, please contact my self by E Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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