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Not a good start to the 2020 Season. In January & February we had so much rain that the whole Country was under water and Unicorns make the perfect floating platform for rescuing people and animals stranded in the floods. At Stone we had some exceptionally high tides driven by North Easterly winds which resulted in Unicorns, Darts etc. floating around the dinghy Park. Fortunately none escaped into the River Blackwater, so when the tide turned, the boats could be returned to their allocated tie down positions. Most of the boats had been securely tied down but the water under the hulls just lifted the boats , chains and concrete retainers out of the ground. Fortunately very little major damage occurred to the boats. During this hectic period I was enjoying a Cruise to Brazil and the Amazon which was very interesting and enjoyable. The main towns along the Amazon can only be reached by boat or plane and we travelled over 1000 miles up the river to Manaus which was only halfway along its full length. The water flow rate is between 5 and 10 knots depending on the Season and the width varies from 1 to 35 miles with an average depth of 50 plus meters. So you can imagine the vast amount of fresh water that is being fed into the Atlantic Ocean which is 20% of the worlds total fresh water. On our way home we had to contend with Hurricane Dennis in the Bay of Biscay and 15 meter high waves which caused some excitement. Arriving at Tilbury 24 hours late we were then subjected to a complete search and medical check before being allowed  to disembark which took over 3 hours. Such is the new way of living in the UK and many other Countries with this Coronavirus. At present we are confined to our homes unless we are employed in essential work or trade. All Sailing Clubs are closed for the foreseeable future which means the 2020 Season is on hold until the Government gives the Green Light that the virus has been controlled. At the time of writing this article, June of this year is the objective date to control this virus and therefore the planned Nationals 4 to 6th September at Stokes Bay is still a live event. At least we have plenty of time to prepare the boats. If any Member encounters difficulties. technical or health and requires assistance please contact a Committee Member and we will try to assist you. On this sad note and on behalf of the Unicorn Association Committee we wish everyone a SAFE and Healthy 3 months hibernation. Peter Toft

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