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Stone on the River Blackwater during Corvid !9 Shut Down

I am writing this latest news report overlooking the River Blackwater in nice sunshine, a Westerly wind Force 3 with high water just starting to ebb, making the water nice and flat. Ideal conditions for Unicorn sailing. Unfortunately, like most sailing Clubs, Stone is closed for all official activities in order to comply with current Government guidelines to restrict the spread of CORVID-19 virus. Recently relaxation of some rules allow boat owners to repair  or maintain boats in the Club dinghy park providing the correct people spacing of 2 meters is maintained. Difficult to do when stepping a Unicorn mast! Today we have seen 4 smaller dinghies launched by local club members who can return home to use their own changing facilities. When will this all end and we can return to normal club racing and even consider Open Meetings? At the moment no one knows, so we can only speculate and try to plan for the future. The Unicorn Association Committee are in regular contact with each other, the RYA and Sailing Clubs with an active Unicorn fleet so we can advise our members immediately they are OPEN for action again. The 2020 National Championships are still planned to be held at Stokes Bay in September if at all feasible. At the present time we are now 2 months into the 2020 Season and we believe it will be at least another month before any more changes will be announced. Based on this we believe it is in the interest of the Association to maintain the current level of dedicated and active membership. It has been decided that all 2020 paid up members will have a further 12 months free membership for 2021.This hopefully will encourage existing and new members to renew their membership in 2020 in preparation for a shortened Season If and when a positive plan is announced to control this virus.

It seems that Gary Piper was the first on the water in 2020 this year as he hit the water at Stokes Bay on the morning after the rules were relaxed. I hope that you remembered to change from your pajamas into a wetsuit before launching! For those of you new to sailing a Unicorn, please be cautious if you attempt to sail without any rescue boat backup. Start in a Force 2 or less wind to get the feel of this lively and exciting boat. It is also recommended that for safety you consider righting line and sailing with a floatation panel in the top section of the sail or use a floatation bag to assist in righting the boat in the event of a capsize.


I would like to welcome two new members, Brian Whitmey who acquired 1085 from Steve Pooley and Bill Hurr who has 1082 an ex John Wright boat. With all these ex Championship winning boats now active again it should make for some super competitive racing when they eventually get on the water and have some practice. Please share any photographs or life at your Club or home with fellow members by sending them to myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In the meantime keep well and safe and fingers crossed that a miracle happens and we get the green light to get racing again soon. Best wishes from your Committee. Written by Peter Toft


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