2020 December Latest News


We  are fast approaching the end of a difficult year for sailing and the personal health to people of all ages due to the Covid 19 virus. Unicorns were one of the few classes to hold a National event which was successfully held at Stokes Bay S C in September. Nine boats contested the event with many retiree helms supporting the contestants from the safety of their cruisers or the shoreline. Once a unicorn sailor, always a unicorn enthusiast, with some of the retirees now well into their 80's. This clearly illustrates the lifelong friendships that develop through Class sailing. It was good to see the new members participating in the Nationals and making their presence felt in the final result sheet. It has been good to see that Gary, Will, Dan & William have continued to Club race at Stokes Bay through October and November. How many others have managed to get on the water in the last 2 months ? We are now in another lockdown before the year end. Once all the maintenance work on your boats is completed, please find time to send me pictures or stories about life at your Club, go faster gadgets or experiences sailing your Unicorn. If you have a boat or spare bits and pieces to sell then it is free to advertise on this web site. Just send them to me by E Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your elected committee have been considering where to hold the 2021 Nationals and also the Travellers Trophy events. No final decision has been made but to try and spread the visibility of Unicorn sailing they are looking for a new venue. At the moment, Dan is investigating  Parkstone S C in Poole Harbour. If any one has experience of sailing there, please contact Dan Jarman. Julius Mach is coordinating the Travellers Series again and hopes to publish a programme early in 2021 detailing the main Catamaran Open Meeting events around the Country and the Rules for participating in the Series.

Your Committee wish every member and their Family a very happy but safe Christmas and New Year with the best present being the COVID 19 inoculation.   

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