2021 May Latest News

The Unicorn Association are pleased to confirm that subject to Government Covid Rules the 2021 National Unicorn Championships will be held at the Stone S C from the 1st to the 6th August. Most members are familiar with the venue which is based on the South bank of the River Blackwater in Essex. The Championships will be run in conjunction with the Stone S C regatta week to obtain the benefits of a full social programme for the Family and the competitors. The Unicorns will have their own start and courses for an 8 race competition. Full details regarding the Stone S C can be found on their web site at www.stonesailingclub.org.uk or on Facebook with links from the Unicorn Association page. The River Blackwater at Stone is a tidal river estuary into the North Sea providing challenging safe sailing conditions suitable for catamarans. Please reserve these dates in your diary for a weeks vacation with the Family and friends in the sunniest part of the UK. 

Traveller Series 2021 

The  2021 series is being planned but final details will only be available when Covid 19 restrictions are cleared to allow more Open meetings to be finalised. Just to recap which events can be included, any Catamaran Open meeting in the UK during 2021 can count towards the traveller trophy. Scoring will be as last year. All races to count, 3 points for finishing plus an additional point for any Unicorns beaten. To get an Open meeting included in the series you must advertise the Open meeting on the Unicorn Facebook website at least four weeks before the event. Multi-week events cannot constitute an Open meeting. Any dispute about what constitutes an Open will be ruled upon by Gary Piper and myself with no appeal allowed. This provides the opportunity for unicorn members across the UK to participate in this competition and get on the scoreboard without excessive travelling. So if you have a local open meeting planned for 2021, advise Julius or Gary in advance, so it can be registered and advertised prior to the event.

With the favourable sailing conditions over the Easter Weekend and throughout April, Club racing has taken place at Stokes Bay, Netley, Bala and Stone. What has been happening at your Club or are you still preparing your boat for the May Bank Holidays to start your new Season? The latest 2021 Handicap information from SCHRS is a rating of 1.188 with a Lookalike PY of 805. Keep competitive if you are sailing on handicap in a mixed fleet by ensuring that your Club is up-to-date with their records. It could affect your results. We trust you are well and have had at least one inoculation against the Corvid virus. Hoping to catch up with everyone again at Stone this year in August. Peter Toft


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